November 2012 - February 2013 Blickwechsel photo exhibition at the Bossard Site of Arts, not far from Hamburg
two photographs and two poems This “Temple of Art” won an international prize for Cultural Heritage. It is one of the only visionary and utopian cathedral-like buildings from the Expressionist period in Europe to have reached full completion and to still be standing today. 91 artists with 650 photographs had applied to take part in the exhibition. 49 artists were chosen.  My   two   photographs   (together   with   two   of   my   poems)   were   part   of   a   hard-cover   catalogue   that   accompanied the exhibition. The hard-cover catalogue was available in the book-trade ( € 17 /   ISBN 978-3-938594-11-7). For details on the exhibition: inhalt/blickwechsel.html?day=20121122×=1353538800,1359932399 20100.html The catalogue can still be purchased here: (after 6 years now only € 3,50 clearance price)