PUBLISHED SHORT STORIES AND ARTICLES  “Warnemünde und die Nacht auf dem Meer” [Warnemünde and the Night on the Sea], in: Tiedingsbringer  (Magazine in Rostock, Germany), 2002, pp. 102 f. (co-authored with one of my former professors) “Warnemünde und der Fluch des Glücks” [Warnemünde and the Curse of Joy], in: Tiedingsbringer, 2001, pp. 96 f. (co-authored with one of my former professors) “Warnemünde und die Weltgeschichte” [Warnemünde and the History of the World] in: Tiedingsbringer, 1999, pp. 121 ff. (co-authored with one of my former professors) the issues could be bought here: 
Two of my short poems featured in the hard-cover exhibition catalogue for the group exhibition at the Bossard Site of Arts in 2012. The book was available in the book-trade (17 € / ISBN 978-3-938594-11-7). “The First Hole In The Wall” - an autobiographical text - in: Kensington Chelsea & Westminster today, November - December 2014, p. 11